Thursday, August 28, 2008

Messages to Karen

I am starting this section for anyone who would like to leave a personal message for Karen. She can read them once she get's better and we can also print them out to read to her now or hang in her room to cheer her up.


JP said...

Hi Aunt Karen,

I want you to know how much we all love you and how happy we are that you are a part of our lives. I wish that I could be there with you! I know it is hard right now but you are going to pull through. You are strong and stubborn so I know you will fight to get better. There are a lot of people thinking about you and praying for you everyday.

I am glad to hear you still have your sense of humor- you are making people laugh even in the hospital! Get better soon so you can chow down on some good food-they said you didn't like the hospital food too much. I promise as soon as you can we'll have a death-dog, some crabs and corn on the cob and anything else you want. If you like food as much as I do that is some really good motivation right there :)

I'm sorry we can't be with you right now but we are going to come see you in the fall. Stay strong and know that we love you and can't wait to see you.

I love you Aunt Karen!!!!
<3 Jennaaaaaaaayyyyyyy :)

melaniek said...

Karen. we can't wait to see you again & hang out. Mybe Cathy's for a couple of chillies! Get better soon! Love, Melanie & Joel

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen:
South Carolina "sez..hurry and get better ya'll!"
You dont know how many times I wanted to just call you on your cell. It got to be a habit calling you while driving home!
We want you to continue to be strong,strive to do the best you can each day. Just concentrate on the future. I know we are a small family...and I am way down here. But you know that we are all here for you..whatever you need...whenever you need to talk..anything!
This incident has just opened my eyes to just how short life is, how we should all live for the day, not judge people or be critical, be kind to everyone we meet. If we all could be this way with everyone that our lives touch, maybe that person in turn would do the same to all that they meet. And perhaps eventually this world we live in would be a much kinder, gentle place.
I pray every morning for you Karen as do alot of my friends and Bills family.

Love Linda and family

Anonymous said...

karen was moved to Kernan Hospital thursday night. Here she will get therapy to get her walking again. This is one of best rehab hospitals in country.
Karen is still in pain and miserable with the upper torso plastic vest. She seemed more alert today since they have reduced some of medications. She knew her birtday and what month it was when asked. She seemed alot better mom

JP said...

Hi Aunt Karen,
I have really been thinking about you a lot lately. I just want you to get better. I know it is painful and frustrating having to be in the hospital and go through the rehab. Please try your best to get better and listen to what they tell you so you can get out of there sooner. When it gets really hard for you just think about all the things you have to get better for. We love you and miss you very much!

Debbie said...

Hi Karen, This message is from Debbie Reynolds (Hal's daughter). We were so sorry to hear about your accident. Your blog has been keeping us up-to-date on your recovery. I can't imagine what you must be going through. My Dad and Corinne think of you all the time. We just want you to know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. Love Debbie & Jim

christer said...

Hi Karen, i heard what happend, and i just want to say that i thinking about you. i hope you getting better everyday, and i am looking forward to meet you next year, when í come and visit john and cathy.

Take care, and be strong.

christer " from sweden "

mom said...

Karens Dad went to see her this am.They had taken her back to University and took the brace off then brought her back to Kernans
She was sitting in wheelchair. Today she is very alert waiting for the therapist to take her to try walking. Karen is still complaining about the pain and not eating very much.They have given her appetite simulant so maybe this will help. I know she feels alot better without the torso brace.Dad told her Meg went to Pa to a horse show she said "good she needs a break" Meg will see her Thursday. Karens MOm

Anonymous said...

10-2-2008 Went to see Karen last nite, she was doing real good!! she was like her normal self and "ready to get the h e double L out of there. Short term memory she has trouble with, but she remembers prior to the accident. Karen knows everyone's name, etc., Yea for Karen, everyday will be an improvement!


Anonymous said...


EAT GIRL!!!! get stronger...'cause

"YOUR BACK"!!!!!!!!

JP said...

Hi Aunt Karen!

I finally got to talk to you this past weekend and you sounded so good! I couldn't believe how great you sounded. I know things have been hard and will still be hard sometimes but you are strong and will only get better. Keep eating and resting so you can come home soon- won't be long now. I love you sooo much and can't wait to see you and give you a big hug!

I love you- lance and squeaky say hi too xoxo

Anonymous said...

Patt & Gary write..

Hey Karen..heard your home!!!!!
great news!!!!!!
we will be in touch!!

Patt , Gary & Tori

Anonymous said...

Karen, We are so glad to hear that you are home. We'll stop by and visit soon. Take care of yourself. Cherie & Mike

Erica Unger said...

Hi Karen,
My name is Erica and I was also with you the day of the accident, when my husband and I stopped, I along with,I believe barbara, were with you until you flew. I am very thankful you are doing well and out of the hospital, I work in healthcare and I know how hard rehab can be for someone who has been through so much.. You are obviously a very strong woman. You have had lots of people praying for you. I think of you every day and wonder how you are doing I had written to your mom and she updated me, I really appreciated that. Keep up the good work and stay strong. You and your family are in my prayers. God Bless, Erica Unger